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PDI (Professional Development International) is comprised of two departments, an agency and an academy called EPAA.

Auditioning for Korean entertainment companies in North America can prove to be a tedious process. The demand for international talent is currently at an all-time high, but not being met due to a lack of North American headquarters for Korean talent agencies and entertainment companies. Only the largest of companies can afford to host auditions overseas, leaving a vast majority of the smaller entertainment companies with no means of scouting foreign talent.

PDI is the solution. Based in North America and working together closely with Rainbow Bridge, the largest talent agency in Korea, PDI provides both Korean entertainment companies and foreign auditioners a chance to reach each other effectively. With Rainbow Bridge directly representing top-shelf Korean entertainment companies, including big names like Cube Entertainment, DSP Entertainment, and Loen Entertainment, they are eager to discover and sign as much foreign talent as possible. For individuals seeking to become the next Korean idol, PDI offers the best chance for success.

By partnering with numerous companies in Korea, PDI will be the gateway to helping international talent be recognized by companies in Korea. The Entertainment Performing Arts Academy (EPAA) is a newly launched academy by PDI that will use localized and specialized programs based on a trainee program to develop new artists for the Korean entertainment market.

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