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PDI is the leader in Korean Entertainment related services for the international market.  PDI provides a variety of services with the top-level industry standands.






There's no better solution for the aspiring international K-pop artists.  We provide training and agency services to qualified individuals with talent, star-qualities and most importantly, the will to succeed!

  1. Training - We employee the same curriculum and standards that have produced the K-pop's top stars

  2. Agency - We can help those that are talented and are ready for the world to be signed with the best producers and management companies




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In conjunction with the top names such as Shinsadong Tiger and Kim, Do Hoon, PDI provides the highest quality music and music production services.  We are also able to provide the complete consulting and turn key based outsourcing production services to entertainment companies wishing to produce the top-notch Kpop inspired music, music-videos and idol groups.  



We offer the following services:

1. Music Production - We offer the services from the best of K-pop music production

2. Music Video Production - World renowned K-pop MV standards by the best directors

3. Casting - From auditions to street-casting we find the right candidates for your need

4. Training - We have the trained the K-pop's best and we apply the same principle

5. Planning and Consulting - We create the perfect image and concepts for your market

6. Creative Arts Production - From posters, promotional materials and websites, we deliver

7. CD Production - Whether you are making 1000 cd's or 1,000,000 cd's, we provide the highest quality

8. Marketing and Promotion - We can distribute your music online or offline in Korea or rest of the world

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