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Audition Preparatory Program - APP


The APP is the first step for students at the EPAA. It is designed to provide the foundation of entertainment training and consultation necessary to succeed in auditions. The EPAA has intimate knowledge of what management companies are looking for and we deliver.



The APP will teach the fundamentals of training in core vocal and dance discipline by the industry's top I instructors. Contrary to popular belief, even Youtube stars do not have the fundamentals of training in dance and singing. Without proper training, many young people develop improper style and habits that are unsightly to many professionals. The APP not only corrects these problems but teaches you the proper techniques to dance and singing.



The knowledge in multiple languages is a quintessential skill element for K-pop artists. We provide basic Korean language training for non-Korean speakers and optional Chinese and Japanese training for those that already speak Korean. The EPAA also teaches interviewing and public speaking skills, a skill just as important as knowing the language itself for artists. Each student is required to learn a minimum of 2 new languages: Korean is mandatory for all non-Korean speakers; choice of Japanese or Mandarin for the 2nd language. Korean speakers will learn both Japanese and Mandarin. 


Visual & Concept

EPAA will provide image consulting that includes styling and etiquette training. This is perhaps the most important aspect in the transformation process of turning an average teenager into an exceptional artist prospect. We determine the best image concept for each student based on their talent, personality, and physical attributes. Then, by using the industry's top experts, we put the student through a transformation process.


Stage Experience

All students of the APP will be given an opportunity to perform live on stage. Students will put together individual and group graduation programs to showcase their talents on stage as a part of the graduation requirement. Scouts, producers, and various other representatives for entertainment companies will be in attendance to act as judges and scouts for their respective companies.



From the showcase, a selection of the top students will be given the eligibility to continue on to the MTP and be placed into the EPAA Incubator System (EIS). All graduating students will receive the Certificate of Completion and the EPAA Audition Portfolio, containing professional photos, demo tracks, self-introductions, and live performance videos that will impress any management or record company.



With the information provided through guidance sessions, graduating students can pursue auditions with their EPAA Auditioning Portfolio. Students who do not graduate with honors may repeat the APP to earn the eligibility to enter the MTP and the EIS (EPAA Incubator System).



Management Training Program - MTP


Fast track to an artist career

The MTP is designed to prepare students for the real world as an artist. The MTP is identical to training programs set by management companies without the competition of hundreds of other trainees. At the EPAA, you are always given priority and receive the attention of all our instructors. With the partnerships we have forged, the MTP allows you to train yourself to become a full artist for over 80 top management companies in Korea. That's the MTP advantage.


The MTP Advantage

Being placed into the EPAA Incubator System (EIS), you are able to receive the very best artist contract. EPAA helps you find the perfect company for you and helps you get the best contract as an artist. It will allow you to bypass difficult trainee stages in Korea.



The MTP curriculum is individually tailored to each student’s style, skills, and objectives. Our focus is on perfecting fundamental skills and improving stage manners. Management companies will often accept students on a conditional basis and ask the EPAA for specific training to be applied to students to further their skills.

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